Making an Argumentative Research Paper

I am writing an argument

Making an argument is one of the most basic types of discourse. Everybody has something they agree or disagree on to a certain extent. Opinions also do count when it comes to writing research papers. In fact, a complete subsection of research papers is created for exactly that. Are you wondering how to choose an interesting argumentative research paper topics and deliver a great work? Here are the steps you must follow.

  1. Come up with a topic you’ll do research for. One of the most difficult parts in making a research paper is coming up with a topic. No matter which field you’ll be focusing no or which audience or purpose you are targeting, you have got to come up with a topic first. It must neither be too narrow or too broad, and it must be something that you are confident you can make a convincing argument for.
  2. Do your research. This is not called a research paper for nothing. Compared to conventional argument essays, you really have to do your research when writing an argumentative research paper. Because of this, you have got to do ample research about the topic. You can read books, search for arguments related to it, and even go to the field if necessary. It’s research that would serve as the barometer for your paper’s success.
  3. Make an outline. Every article has a particular sequence to follow. Having an outline provides you the necessary framework where you can place all the data needed for writing the articles successfully. A well-made argumentative essay outline can have you covered from introduction to conclusion, and would give your paper much-needed structure for easy writing and reading.
  4. Write the article. After all the preparations done, most people feel that this part is the easiest part in making an argumentative research paper. Organize your thoughts and fill your outline with the details that support your arguments. Be interesting and creative. Do not forget to proofread your work to check both accuracy and content cohesiveness.

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