Satire Essay – What is it and How to Write One

satire essay

A satire essay may sound fun to write, but it actually requires some skill in order to master this kind of writing. As the name suggests, a satirical paper aims to make fun of a topic, often cruising it through the use of irony, hyperbole and even sarcasm.

Writing the Essay

Like most papers, writing a satirical essay starts with choosing a topic. It can be a person, an event or even a recent change in the legislation or politics that the writer considers absurd. An approval from the teacher regarding the topic is needed before starting any research.

Create an outline, preferably containing at least five chapters including the introduction and conclusion. The teacher may provide a format or word count limit but if this is not the case, a 500 to 1000 word essay will do just fine. A good place to get ideas on how to write a satirical essay would be by watching performances by witty individuals including Tina Fey and George Carlin. The show “Simpsons” can also offer some insight on how to approach comedic writing.

A satirical essay doesn’t always have to be about something big. Following are some topic suggestions that writers can turn into satire.

  • Talk about concerns in the school such as bullying or event littering. Considering the different factors contributing to this problem and how they affect the students.
  • Talk about the price of education and the job market – a common favorite topics in today’s society. Talk about how it impacts the economy and the level of frustration would-be-graduates are facing.
  • Consider the American culture and the sudden boom of reality TV shows. Talk about how the “idiot box” is raising children and how it impacts a full generation of Americans.

A satire essay may require more work than other paper types, making it important for individuals to start earlier than usual. Allot several hours each day to the paper, preferably starting a few days after the teacher has announced it. Professors will usually give weeks or even months for students to write their essays so there should be more than enough time.


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