Writing the English Essay

essay writing in English

Writing and choosing among English essay topics can be a fun and enriching experience. It can let the writer uncover many interesting insights. Intensive reading, a keen eye for detail, and the ability to select & incorporate relevant facts into the paper all can lend substance to the essay.

Being knowledgeable on the elements of style – correct grammar and spelling, formatting, and use of punctuations – is also essential. Continue reading

Tips for Writing a History Essay

writing a history paper

Writing a history essay can be tedious. Students will be digging through fact and fiction in an effort to make sure that they are presenting accurate information for the professor. It goes without saying that writing a historical essay requires weeks or even months on preparation, depending on how it will be graded.

For students currently tackling a history essay, following are some things to keep in mind: Continue reading

Writing a Personal Essay

I write a personal essay

The essay is considered to be an art form for some people. After all, the ability to write is a true talent. There are all kinds of essays written around the world, ranging from fictional to scientific ones. But still, nothing can beat the natural charm and simplicity of the personal essay. What does such an essay exactly mean, and how can someone create one for himself? Continue reading

Making an Argument Essay

writing an argumentative essay

Essays can be constructed in so many ways. Its options are almost as diverse as the people writing them. Often times, essays are classified according to how they are told by the writer. If the writer is trying to prove a point, then his work can be classified as an argument essay. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just about stating and debating your case. There’s a certain style that must be followed to ensure you can state your argument properly. After you choose one among many argument essay topics, take the following steps: Continue reading

Making the Best Informative Speech


Making a speech is a tough job. The effort needed in creating a superb speech goes beyond just rehearsing what you are about to say to the crowd. It takes foresight, preparation, and knowledge of your purpose to make the most out of your speaking opportunity. This article would provide you a step-by-step process on creating the best informative speech possible. Continue reading