Writing a History Research Paper

writing a history research paper

Whether it’s in high school or in the University, students will always find themselves writing a history research paper. This doesn’t have to b a major cause for concern. History paper typically comes in specific format that students can simply follow to ensure a good outcome.

The Writing Process

The first thing to consider would be the topic of the essay. A history term paper needs to be narrowed down into a specific topic. List down several possibilities and get the teacher’s approval before starting.

Start collecting information, making sure that the data is taken from trustworthy domains or books. Note that this is a history paper so accuracy is very important. As much as possible, students are advised to compare dates and little known data with other sources for verification purposes.

Create a rough draft in chronological order. It’s important that the writer manages to create a cohesive and comprehensive paper that tackles all the important aspects of their topic. In the end, do not forget to provide a conclusion and outline the relevance of the past to the present situation.

Following are some suggestions for history research paper topics that can be tried out:

  • Focus on specific people in history. Talk about their contributions and how they have managed to impact the society at present.
  • Narrow down the essay to a specific culture or country. Talk about their way of life starting from a specific century to the present. Measure the changes that happened and whether they contributed or not to the current state of the country. Could they have done better or not?
  • Make comparisons between different countries that have undergone colonization. Talk about how being part of a colony has impacted their way of life and the resulting culture that contributed from such.

Keep in mind that writing a history research paper requires lots of hours digging out facts. Allot at least one hour each day for the paper and start weeks before the due date. This way, students will have time to review their work, check data ad polish their grammar to get an A+.


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