Writing a Personal Essay

I write a personal essay

The essay is considered to be an art form for some people. After all, the ability to write is a true talent. There are all kinds of essays written around the world, ranging from fictional to scientific ones. But still, nothing can beat the natural charm and simplicity of the personal essay. What does such an essay exactly mean, and how can someone create one for himself?

An essay, for it to be considered personal, must contain your own personal thoughts. That’s the first distinction of such essay. There’s not much restriction to how they are made with the exception that it should be your own thoughts. It doesn’t matter what type of personal essay topics you write about. As long as it represents your personal views, then there’s no problem to it. This is the reason why a lot of people find writing these essays as a therapeutic experience.

You may think that you’re not capable of writing your own personal essay. But it can be done with the help of these guidelines and some practice.

  1. Think of a particular topic you want to write about. It may be about a specific experience, a particular event or issue, or about a person close to you. While you can integrate as many different topics as possible (after all, it’s your thoughts), it’s best that you keep it at one topic per essay. Or if you’ll be writing about multiple subjects, make sure they are somewhat related.
  2. You should keep your article clear and concise. One benefit of writing personal essays is there is no structure or format that must be strictly followed. However, make sure you write your essay in such a way that it can easily be understood. This is where writing in a clear manner comes into play.
  3. You should be truthful and honest in your essay. Since it’s your own personal essay, tell your story in an honest yet engaging manner. Tell the complete story without holding back. Last but not least, never cram your essay with a web of lies.

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