Wrting a Death Penalty Research Paper

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Death penalty has always been a controversial topic in today’s society. Although many states have this in their legislation, few actually make use of it while others simply ignore adopting capital punishment.

Topic Suggestions for Death Penalty Essay

Although a death penalty research paper is clear enough, it isn’t exactly narrowed down. Students can further specify what topic they intend to tackle regarding capital punishment. Following are just some possibilities regarding the topic:

  • Talk about the moral issues regarding death penalty and why it should or shouldn’t be part of the legislation.
  • Talk about individuals who have been given the capital punishment and how their death or time in the death row has impacted society as a whole. Did they deserve it or would a life sentence suffice?
  • Consider the different circumstances that would cause the court to sentence capital punishment in an individual. Concentrate on a specific country or region.
  • Talk about the history of capital punishment and the states that have adapted the legislation. It’s also possible to focus on just one state and trace their history when it comes to the death penalty.
  • Compare the death penalty in various countries and what transgressions they consider grave enough to warrant such punishment.
  • Talk about individuals receiving the death penalty in foreign countries. What did they do and what was the action of their native country upon hearing the news?

Of course, those aren’t the only topics that students can tackle when writing a death penalty research paper. Like most essays, students must abide by a specific format to ensure that they create a cohesive paper. If the teacher requires a format and word-count, then make sure to follow those instead.

Although the death penalty research paper might sound too easy, this doesn’t mean that it can be done overnight. Students are advised to create an outline weeks or even months before the paper is due. Allot at least one hour each day for the paper, checking information and arranging the outline depending on your thoughts. This should churn out and guarantee an A+ from the professor.


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